To anybody reading this letter, the first thing I can tell you is
that I sincerely envy you. For having the opportunity to do something amazing, study a new language, and do it in an environment that is really also a great cultural experience.

I reached BsAs as a humble 'mochilero' backpacker, having a few Argentinean friends I met while traveling, and had the luck to find a wonderful teacher to help me out with my Spanish.

I really liked and even fell in love a little with the Argentinean way of life, culture and of course the way Rioplatenese Spanish sounds different from other forms of 'catellano', music to the ears :-)

In really the simplest way, I can tell you that Silvina is a very good smart professional teacher and apart than that a truly wonderful person.

On the personal side, I always felt very comfortable and easy coming to study. I felt that I always was receiving the best of teaching and effort and that Silvina always was teaching out of fun and sincerely caring and wanting to give the best to her students.
On the professional side, I learned quicker than I could imagine because my teacher always knew what I already was doing well, what previous knowledge I have and what I need to improve and how to do it.

The lessons are always interesting, I got much more than one way to study, in class, by myself, listening to recordings, reading interesting things, walking around the city, anything.

Also I got something that I feel is very special. A way to get closer to Argentinean culture, be it drinking mate, walking around the city and getting informed of the latest happenings or talking about Argentinean literature and writers and the latest cultural happenings in the city.

I could go on for much more about how happy I am that I did something in BsAs that I regard as a gift and I will remember.

But in order to be short, you have found a fun intelligent interesting good hearted person that is also very good and professional in what she does, so look no more :-)

Thank you,
Erez Levinberg

We had a really great time learning Spanish with Silvina. As we were begginers, her teaching was efective and fun, particularly because we were able to chat in Spanish during the lessons rather than purely learning theory.


Jez and Alison


Hola person with interest in learning Spanish! We share that interest since I'm still trying to fully comprehend the language with the help of my Spanish teacher, Silvina, who organizes private classes.


I came to Buenos Aires about 2 months ago to do an internship as a medical student. It is very important to have an idea about the language when you work with people so I needed to get hold of the language quickly.


I did study a little beforehand but all by myself with books of the university and I visited Spain a couple of times so I had a hard to estimate knowledge of the language when I arrived. Therefore I was really happy to take private classes that could be accustomed to what I needed.


I needed to learn basic things quickly and wanted to study vocabulary that I would use in the hospital. After an interview with Silvina she understood my wishes and made a study plan.


I took 2 hour classes every day in which we did a part of conversation, lots of grammatical rules and corrected my previous tasks of writing stories. Because to me it was necessary to learn as much as possible in just little time it was very intense but there was always time for the mate and a cookie in between. Right now I've resumed taking classes but in a more relaxed way. Now we heave more time to discuss stories and really understand grammatical rules.


The good thing is, I can get out of my classes what I want and need and still enjoy it. If you are really interested in comprehending the beautiful language of Spanish and want to be able to talk about daily life stuff i really could recommend these classes. Especially when your level is hard to estimate.


I believe that everyone has their own way of learning and I think Silvina and her colleagues are very good in acknowledge that.
Chau persona, divertite!!!

Odile van Hall (de Amsterdam, Holanda)

I spent three months in Argentina and had two lessons a week with Silvina. I can honestly say that I learnt more spanish in these few months than in 6 years of studying it at school.

I loved the informal and relaxed way that Silvina conducted the lessons, meaning that I really looked forward to the two hours of sitting with her, drinking tea and chatting about all sorts of interesting things.

With her very sound knowledge and strong opinions about Argentinian literature, history and politics, I felt I learnt so much more from her than mere spanish grammer. I really can't speak more highly of her and think that anyone wanting to learn spanish couldn't ask for a more fun or informative teacher.


I'm now living in Madrid and just wish I could find a spanish version of Silvina here!


Lucy Meade



I hear about Silvina through a friend. I really appreciated my one on one, private lessons with Silvina, as she is very professional and caters to exactly what you specify. I principally wanted to improve my spoken Spanish and so our classes where mainly conversational.


However we also worked from a very clear and helpful grammar book and she provided me with many helpful exercises to consolidate my learning.

Having the lessons at Silvina’s house was really useful as it makes a proper lesson time and enables the student to completely focus in a relaxed but specialized environment.


I would not hesitate to recommend Silvina to anyone who was looking for a Spanish teacher.


Her many students and her busy schedule are a sure sign of her popularity and teaching skills, not to mention the delicious biscuits and gallons of tea that are always available!


I could never believe how 2 hours went by so quickly.


Roz Boycott





In May 2006 I arrived in Buenos Aires to do my graduation research for the university in Amsterdam . As I had to do all my interviews in Spanish, it was very important to me to quickly improve my language skills. I looked on the internet for Spanish courses, and through this I got into contact with Silvina.


For me, the classes have been perfect. She adjusted the classes to my needs, always prepared interesting materials, and helped me a lot with both constructing and understanding my interviews.


More important to me however, has been the personal contact. I loved going to the classes, we talked about everything: Argentinean things like the culture, Buenos Aires , the music, the literature, but also about life, in all its various aspects. This helped me to feel at home at the other side of the world, and to learn a lot more than just Spanish.   


Silvina, thank you for your dedication and the positive energy in the classes!


Sanne de Bruijn

The Netherlands

Still not able to leave Buenos Aires  


As a rule I generally go out of my way to avoid writing recommendations such as these.  The fact that I write this now is testament to the extremely high regard with which I hold Silvina and the enormous gratitude I feel for all that she has done for me.  

Arriving in Buenos Aires with little or no Spanish I originally enrolled in a course at the UBA and contacted Silvina for conversational classes.  With hindsight I would have skipped the course altogether and asked Silvina to fit me into her timetable with as many hours as possible.  

From a strictly professional point of view Silvina is simply an excellent teacher.  She presents her classes in clear and interesting ways.  She uses a range of teaching aids to add variety explaining any doubts or problems with admirable clarity and patience.  I genuinely think it is rare that two hours of learning can seem to go by so quickly.  

On a personal note Silvina is just a delightful person to be taught by.  She goes out of her way not only to help you understand the language but also to teach you about things she thinks will interest you - about her country, about her city.  During my classes she has told me about the history and the culture, recommended restaurants and theatres, books and concerts, suggested music to listen to, wines to drink, places to go to, places to avoid, people to talk to and all with the contagious enthusiasm of someone who delights in what she does.  

In my humble opinion she is one of the best teachers I have ever had.  I have enjoyed my lessons with her so much that I continued them long after we had covered all the textbook material.  I have fervently recommended her to all I have subsequently met in Buenos Aires and feel enormously proud to do so for anyone else interested in visiting this fantastic city and learning its wonderful language.

Tess Pettman



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