I've just finished three months of classes with Silvina.

I've been really impressed with how highly professional Silvina is, while still being fun, supportive and really interesting.

There was a clear work program, which ensured I learnt gramatical rules, but this was combined with discussions about many interesting topics. Not only did I learn Spanish, but I learnt a huge amount about Buenos Aires and Argentinean culture through this process.

My Spanish class was the thing I looked forward to the most during my days in Buenos Aires!

I'd recommend Buenos Aires as a place to live, and Silvina as a great teacher.

Karen Skinner

New Zealand


This is to say just how much I enjoyed my lessons with Silvina which seemed more like two friends talking.  Silvina devised my tuition to accommodate my need to improve conversational Spanish in Buenos Aires and looking back I realise just how much I took

in and how useful the exercise has been.


I am returning next year and one of my first tasks will be to arrange further classes.

Thanks for the coffee and the 'slang'.  You know more about me than lots of my friends!

Best wishes
Angela Dean



Silvina is a very competent, committed and kind teacher. Her dedication to her profession is admirable


Padre Michael Sequeira

Clinton, Connecticut, USA

After much searching in Buenos Aires for a great Spanish teacher offering private lessons - I found Silvina through a friend's recommendation.

I was impressed from the first class - she had a 

concrete lesson plan and was immediately focused on the most problematic areas. Her grammer explanations were always clear, and as simple or technical as I needed.


She used an extensive assortment of textbooks, and provided lots of useful handouts (and homework if asked!).


She also provided excellent coffee and biscuits! I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wishing to improve their Spanish.

Jaspreet Birk
Toronto, Canada

The classes are always interesting and enjoyable.


The professionalism is excellent. 

I’ve taken other Spanish courses in Buenos Aires, and I

think that this is the best School.  The standards are very high.


The teaching methods here are really bright with fresh ideas.  My teacher is very helpful and friendly.  I feel I always learn something new.


I believe that my Spanish has improved since I started taking these lessons.


I would definitely recommend these classes.


Tim Charles Sansom BA (Hons)

Palermo, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA.


(Formerly: Worthing, West Sussex, ENGLAND).


I visited Buenos Aires for the first time in March of 2006.  At that time I had a couple quarters of collegiate Spanish under my belt, but what the instructors at www.spanishclasses.com.ar did for me was to bring clarity to my grasp of Spanish by,

a) Helping me to understand the Argentinean accent, which is very different from what is taught in the U.S.

b) Assisting me in clearly articulating my thoughts which ultimately allowed me to communicate with ease while in Bs.As.

c) Instructing me in the grammatical foundation that I was lacking from my previous study. 

Over all it was a wonderful experience, and as I plan to visit Argentina more and more often, I will always make time in my travels to touch base and refresh my knowledge in the supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere that was provided with these wonderful instructors, and honestly it was just plain fun!

Sarah Miller, Chicago, Illinois

I spent four weeks studying Spanish in Buenos Aires. It has been an excellent experience – in fact it is amazing how fast I was able to carry on a simple conversation while starting the course with only a few words of knowledge.

The devotion the teachers have in explaining their language and culture to the students is just perfect. It made me become even more enthousiastic in learning.

I would highly recommend this school to anyone wishing to learn Spanish, and have fun at the same time. For me an experience I will never forget.

Desde estas cuatro semanas, tengo Argentina en mi corazón!

Harald, The Netherlands.

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